the laborers training school



We create pathways to empower people to discover their true potential and live a purposeful life.


Courage and leadership - We dare to dream.  We are resilient and have a tenacious spirit.  We challenge the status quo to shape a better future. We exhibit confidence in ourselves and others. We inspire and motivate others to perform well. We effectively influence the actions and opinions of others.  We inspire respect and trust.  We display passion and optimism.

Customer-Focused – we strive to proactively address internal and external customer needs and concerns. we build solutions that anticipate customers’ needs.

Integrity – we exhibit sound moral and ethical principles.  we follow through on commitment.  we uphold organizational values. we are honest. we speak the truth and act truthfully.

Open Communication – we provide timely and responsive information when requested. we are truthful with information even when it is uncomfortable. we share opinions and are open to different points of view.

Respect – we treat people with respect and dignity. we demonstrate an appreciation for the different perspectives and work styles of other.

Quality – we show personal accountability for delivering a quality customer experience. we demonstrate continuous self-development.  we expect personal feedback and response to it non-defensively.

Teamwork – we work in a collaborate manner. we show commitment to the success of the team. we share credit for the work and contribution of others.